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Professional Development Grants / 2017-11-04

2016 fondos y socioesProfessional Development Grants (PDGs) provide support for mid-career conservationists to pursue short-term, non-degree training to upgrade their knowledge and skills. These trainings can include short courses, certificate trainings, or conferences among other training opportunities. PDGs support training-related costs, including registration fees and tuition, meals and accommodations, books and materials, international travel, visa fees, and local transportation. Training may take place anywhere in the world and applicants can request up to $6,500. See below for grant guidelines or click here for a printable version.

World Wildlife Fund

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Alert provides seedfunding to small-scale projects organized by and for young people / 2017-11-23

2016 fondos y socioesAlert Youth Fund is an independent fund which supports progressive projects for young people. Young people are often not taken serious and in spite of their potential, young people are often not seen as the change agents they are. Alert considers it crucial that young people are heard and being listened to. Young people can be positive driving forces of changes, and Alert believes they need to be supported and encouraged in this. For this reason, Alert supports progressive youth projects globally with seedfunding. Through this, Alert tries to contribute to fundamental changes in societies, reflected in equal, fair and just distribution of power, knowledge, capital and a environmentally and human friendly sound way of producing. Alert is managed by young people only, who voluntarily give their time, energy and spirit for this cause.

Alert Youth Fund

EUR 1.500 - 1.600

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Inducement prize: Online security - Seamless personal authentication / 2018-09-28

2016 fondos y socioesInternet has come to play an integral part in the lives of many European citizens. A large majority of people believe and even accept that there is no alternative other than to provide personal information if they want to obtain products or services online. The reliance on digital technology and the transfer of personal data to enable the use of online services come with substantial security risks however, such as online fraud and identity theft. A significant part of data breaches involve weak authentication credentials.

European Commission

EUR 2.800.000 - 2.800.000

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2017 Human Rights Prize of The French Republic - Call For Applications / 2017-10-15

2016 fondos y socioesApplications are now open for the 2017 “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” Human Rights Prize of the French Republic, awarded by the Prime Minister of the French Government. This Prize, which was set up in 1988, is awarded in recognition and support for the completion of individual or collective projects carried out in the field, in France or abroad, regardless of nationality or borders, and linked to one of two possible themes. 1 - Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individual candidates, regardless of nationality and borders, should present a field initiative or project to be implemented in France or abroad, on one of the two themes for 2017: · Theme 1: freedom of information, freedom of the press and journalism · Theme 2: promotion and protection of sexual and reproductive rights.

Embassy of France in Canberra

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DAAD Scholarship Programme 2017 in Germany / 2017-10-31

2016 fondos y socioesThe DAAD is the world’s largest funding organisation for the international exchange of students and researchers. Since it was founded in 1925, around two million scholars in Germany and abroad have received DAAD funding. It is a registered association and its members are German institutions of higher education and student bodies. These study scholarships aim to provide foreign applicants from the field of Fine Art, Design, Film, Music and Architecture as well as Drama, Direction, Dance and Choreography with an opportunity to complete a course of extension studies, without gaining a formal degree of qualification, at a German state (public) or state-recognized institution of higher education.

German Academic Exchange Service

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