Foro Académico Internacional del Festival Internacional de la Imagen 2021

Fecha de Inicio:

Mayo 24 - Hora: 08:00 am

Fecha Fin:

Mayo 28 - Hora: 05:00 pm

Since 1997, the Visual Design Department of the Universidad de Caldas has organized the International Image Festival, with the support of the Fundación Instituto de Investigaciones de la Imagen in Manizales, Colombia. The Festival is a meeting of digital culture that, in its 19 editions, has managed to establish an international network of institutions, researchers and creators who exchange experiences and knowledge every year. As a result, it has positioned itself as an event of international relevance and academic reference in design, art, science and technology.    

The Festival addresses cutting-edge themes that integrate diverse disciplines, distributed knowledge and social and environmental issues that invite critical reflection on media and communications in contemporary times. In 2021, the XX International Image Festival, will be held from May 24 to 28.


The central theme of the XX International Image Festival will be Inter/Species, it alludes to the critical perspectives of the role of the human being in the world, which force, from design, art and science, to look for alternatives that allow the flow of vital forces for the diverse interconnections, today fundamental for the survival of planetary habitability.

In order to think beyond anthropocentrism, the idea of inter/species is proposed, not only as communication or scientific experimentation, but mainly as multiple and emergent vital relationships, from new ways of interaction with others. The generative capacity in the nature-culture continuum, as a gesture of affirmation of the relationships of spatio-temporal proximity, raises other ways of expressions and actions of these interactions with others, where the power of memory and continuity in time, in terms of sustainability, enable a livable world in a dignified manner for future generations.


  • Biodesign
  • Post-humanism
  • Deconstructed Landscapes
  • Planetary Interactions
  • Inhabited Memories



The Festival accepts submissions in four broad categories: 


  1. Academic Call: 

Design and Creation: International Academic Forum 

  • Papers
  • Posters 
  • Panels


  1. Artistic Call
  • Exhibitions (Interactive Installations, In-Room Exhibitions, Transmedia Proposals)
  • Soundscapes (Concerts, Performances)
  • Cinema (&) Digital (Animation, Film, Video Art, Documentary)
  • MediaArt Monographic Exhibition (Video Art, Apps, Augmented Reality and NetArt)
  • Soundbridges


  1. Interactions 
  • Design + Creation Residency 
  • Workshops (Festival) 
  • Conversations 


  1. Design, electronic art and technology market 
  • Videogames 
  • Audiovisual (Video and Animation) 
  • Editorial Design
  • Design and Digital Creation
  • Apps  
  • Transmedia Creation

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Fecha de publicación: 5 Marzo, 2021

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