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Telemedicine Development Center of Asia(TEMDEC)

APAN invite you to participate to the 47th APAN Meeting will be held in February 18 (Mon) – 22 (Fri), 2019.

Place: Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Medical Working Group is planning to hold medical sessions from February 19 (Tue) to 22 (Fri), 2019.

If you are interested in organizing a medical session, please use the attached application form when submitting your session request.


Recently, it is a common understanding that telemedicine, such as case teleconferences and live

demonstrations, connecting hospitals with videoconferencing (VC) and sharing medical contents,

is an efficient tool to fill the gaps in medical technology and knowledge for medical staffs.

However, the limitation of a dedicated technical staff is a problem in many hospitals in Asia.

The education of hospital engineers is of utmost importance to expand this kind of telemedicine

activity domestically and internationally.

We, Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC), have been conducting telemedicine activities

internationally since 2002. As of August 2018, 596 hospitals and universities in 62 countries participated

in the activity. Since 2015, we developed and implemented telemedicine engineering training programs

for hospital engineers and physicians in Asia.

In this program, trainees are divided into teams and assigned to support actual telemedicine sessions,

which are held in APAN conferences. Through the experiences of supporting actual sessions with team

members, the trainees will understand all technical issues that they should concern to support

telemedicine conference, such as setting up VC systems, controlling equipment, planning connectivity test,

and troubleshooting.



To make the trainees be confident on supporting telemedicine activities, by learning skills and knowledge on the followings,

  1. How a telemedicine event is managed

(Flow of all staff: doctors, engineers, coordinators, etc.)

  1. Required technical quality level for telemedicine
  2. Teleconferencing systems
  3. Technical preparations and teamwork
  4. How to work on problems
  5. Friendship in medical community

Processes and Required Application Documents

Application documents should be sent via email to Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC) (Email:

! Deadline for application document submission is 31/10/2018.

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Online interview may be applied to applicants. Acceptance notification will be announced by 30/11/2018.

For more details, please visit our website:

Submission deadline date: Saturday, November 3, 2018 (Japan time, GMT+9)

*Final decision about the session schedule will be made by the Medical Working Group Program Committee.

Please kindly note that a session organizer will be responsible for creating the session program and any required arrangements.

Responsibilities of session organizers are available in the following webpages.

Session organizers are kindly requited to read the pages thoroughly.

Session organizers are also requested to attend APAN Medical WG program meeting (teleconference), which is to be held once a month.

More information


APAN Medical WG secretariat,

Telemedicine Development Center of Asia(TEMDEC),

International Medical Department,

Kyushu University Hospital

3-1-1 Maidashi, Higashi-ku,

Fukuoka, JAPAN  812-8582

TEL : +81-92-642-5014

FAX : +81-92-642-5983

Email :

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