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RENATA transmitirá agenda especial de conferencias desde Virtual Educa

VELa comunidad académica podrá atender de manera remota la agenda especial de transmisiones que será realizada a través de RENATA.

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El Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo renueva infraestructura para el desarrollo de tecnología

icpEs el primer centro de innovación y tecnología del país y el tercero de Latinoamérica en temas de petróleo y gas.

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Planning for the future of the GÉANT network​

geant 1CONNECT magazine spoke to the GÉANT Operations Team to find out more about the network, how efficiently it is run and to share their plans on how to handle the exponential growth in traffic. (Article reproduced from Issue 25 – available at www.connect.geant.org)

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How Paris got trumped US President reneges on landmark international climate accord. What better time for some scientific visualizations?

turnerIn light of the dismaying and yet unsurprising decision by the current occupant of the Oval office to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, we thought it might be instructive to revisit some of the best illustrations of global warming and its most likely cause.

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