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ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - Raw Materials for Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy / 2017-05-05

2016 fondos y socioesThe scope of the Joint Call is needs-driven research on non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials addressing one or several areas of the circular economy, as shown in Figure 2 above. As an overarching objective the proposed research should clearly demonstrate potential to foster the sustainable supply, processing, production and consumption of primary and secondary raw materials in a circular economy. All consortia should deliver convincing arguments on the potential impact of their innovation on the efficient supply, processing and use of raw materials. They should be able to quantify the expected impact using appropriate metrics and life cycle thinking. A specific work package on the follow up of these metrics in order to steer the project into the most environmentally beneficial direction could be an option. The ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 will address three segments of raw materials: Metallic, Construction, and Industrial minerals.

European Commission

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