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Sud expert plantes développement durable 2017 - 2nd call for projects / 2017-03-01

2016 fondos y socioesThe programme “Sud Expert Plantes Développement Durable” (SEP2D) supports the development and the international cooperation in 22 countries of the intertropical belt. It aims to reinforce the scientific research on plant biodiversity in these countries, through the strengthening of a partnership culture with the economic operators, the civil society and the political authorities. Thus, SEP2D seeks to participate to the development of this scientific research that would be inclusive of national, sub-regional, regional and international public policy issues. The SEP2D programme, monitored by the IRD is funded by several institutions, the Agence Française du Développement (AFD, the French Funding Agency for Development Assistance), the Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial (FFEM, the French Global Environment Facility), the Ministère des Affaires Étrangères et du Développement International (MAEDI, the French Foreign Ministry), the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)

Institut de Recherche por le Developpement - France - IRD

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ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 - Raw Materials for Sustainable Development and the Circular Economy / 2017-05-05

2016 fondos y socioesThe scope of the Joint Call is needs-driven research on non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials addressing one or several areas of the circular economy, as shown in Figure 2 above. As an overarching objective the proposed research should clearly demonstrate potential to foster the sustainable supply, processing, production and consumption of primary and secondary raw materials in a circular economy. All consortia should deliver convincing arguments on the potential impact of their innovation on the efficient supply, processing and use of raw materials. They should be able to quantify the expected impact using appropriate metrics and life cycle thinking. A specific work package on the follow up of these metrics in order to steer the project into the most environmentally beneficial direction could be an option. The ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 will address three segments of raw materials: Metallic, Construction, and Industrial minerals.

European Commission

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Priority Programme \"Flexibility Matters: Interplay between Trait Diversity and Ecological Dynamics Using Aquatic Communities as Model Systems (DynaTrait)\" (SPP 1704) / 2017-05-31

2016 fondos y socioesIn June 2014 the Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has established the Priority Programme \"Flexibility Matters: Interplay between Trait Diversity and Ecological Dynamics Using Aquatic Communities as Model Systems (DynaTrait)\" (SPP 1704). The programme is designed to run for six years. The DFG invites with this call proposals for the second three-year funding period. Biodiversity is rapidly declining and the frequency and strength of environmental changes (e.g. climate and land-use change) is increasing. A diminished biodiversity may increase the sensitivity of ecological systems, such as individuals, populations, communities and food webs, to environmental changes, which may lead, in turn, to a further decline in biodiversity. The Priority Programme aims to improve our understanding of this important but severely understudied feedback loop by accounting for the biodiversity-related flexibility of ecological systems arising from, e.g.,

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation)

EUR 45.000 - 45.000

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Concurso de becas internas doctorales y postdoctorales - Latinoamérica / 2017-03-10

2016 fondos y socioesLa presente convocatoria tiene como objetivo otorgar becas de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica en todas las áreas del conocimiento a postulantes provenientes de países latinoamericanos. Excluye la capacitación para el ejercicio de las profesiones liberales y para las tareas de creación artística.

Consejo Nacional de InvestigacionesCientíficas y Técnicas - CONICET Argentina

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Estudia un Posgrado en México / 2017-09-29

2016 fondos y socioesMéxico cuenta con una oferta académica de más de 1,800 programas de doctorado, maestría y especialidad, reconocidos en el Programa Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad (PNPC). DIRIGIDAS A: Estudiantes extranjeros, inscritos en programas presenciales convencionales de doctorado, maestría o especialidad, registrados en el PNPC y que expresen formalmente su compromiso de ser estudiantes con dedicación exclusiva dentro del programa de posgrado (PP) y mantengan la calidad académica o de desempeño conforme a los criterios establecidos en el Convenio de Asignación de Beca y en el Reglamento de Becas del CONACYT. Los estudiantes deberán acreditar su estancia legal en el país.


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